It’s dyed-in-the-wool! You’ve made up your mind, packed up your bags, broke the news to your friends and family, and bade adieu to all your confreres and are all set to head to a new journey of life. Studying abroad is such an amazing experience and it can expose you to opportunities and experiences that would never have been achievable if you would have stayed put. We understand that the idea of shifting to a whole new country can get you feeling overwhelmed and you’ve probably sussed out all the information required, with tons of prior planning and research but the information in this blog will come in handy if you ever experience a culture shock.

It’s given that when you shift to a foreign land, the whole process can be a little intimidating but if you are determined to work your work up, nothing can stop you from bringing laurels!


Safety of students is always a priority for foreign universities and most of the places are safe and tolerant to study, but some extra dose of information can never cause any harm.

  • It is important for International students to be OBSERVANT of everything around them without being a hermit. Also, one should always stay low-key without broadcasting the fact that you are a freshman. To be cautious, health-wise, you should always go for a COMPLETE BODY CHECKUP before flying to a new country altogether as it can be expensive in foreign land.
  • Your body might take time to adapt to the weather conditions in a new country, the water and food might not suit your gut but you can obviously take all the precautions required, beforehand. If you have any health issues then get a SIGNED PRESCRIPTION from a doctor and get it translated in abroad to avoid any hassle later.
  • Keep your EMERGENCY CONTACTS notified about your whereabouts and activities and keep copies of your important documents so that you can be tracked down at the time of an emergency.
  • Avoid going out alone in the dark and keep maps handy with you to avoid getting lost in a new country. Go CASHLESS and use plastic money to avoid larceny.
  • Don’t be too generous with your PERSONAL INFORMATION and don’t share your social security numbers and credit card details or any other important information to anyone who doesn’t sound legitimate or you might get scammed.
  • DON’T BE HESITANT to reach out to International student office or campus police if need be. Remember that your university is obliged to serve you and to ensure that you are safe and you have a successful study experience throughout.
  • Keep all your VALUABLES close to you and get your prized possessions insured.
  • Store all the emergency contact numbers in your phone and do comprehensive RESEARCH related to your surroundings and the area that you live in.
  • Your security is in your own hands. So, stay alert and keep your eyes wide open to avoid any problem later and remember that the university you are studying in, is always at your disposal so don’t shy away.