“Now Medical students of New Vision University can pursue clinical rotation in the leading medical institute of the UK

This august bought joy for the medical student of New Vision University. In august NVU has signed an agreement with Barts Health NHS Trust to offer Clinical clerkship opportunities in the UK for its Medical students. Signing an agreement with Barts Health NHS will open the door of opportunities for medical students as it is the second-largest NHS trust in the UK.

As per the agreement, Students of New Vision University would be eligible to undertake clinical rotation in association with Whipps Cross hospital of London (UK) which is one of the multi-specialist clinics under the Barts Health NHS Trust & a partner clinic of London School of Medicine and Dentistry at Queen Mary University of London. The university understands the importance of in-hand clinical experience thats why it emphasizes on promoting students to get clinical exposure at renowned medical institutes of global standards.


Here is what you need to know about the Agreement:

  • Agreement parties: New Vision University and Barts Health NHS trust
  • Objective: To provide in-hand clinical experience to NVU medical students
  • Clinical rotation in: Whipps Cross Hospital of London (one of the hospital under Barts Health NHS)
  • About the Whipps cross hospital: Multi profile clinic under Barts Health NHS, Partner clinic of London School of Medicine, Partner clinic of Dentistry at the Queen Mary University of London.