Do you have any idea of how many patients are dependent on the same doctor?

Let us tell you the fact!!

The ratio of doctors to patients is about 1: 1700 which is less than the WHO (World Health Organization) standard. It is hard to believe the truth, but these are the actual circumstances of our country. India is battling with a major crisis for the healthcare profession. India has a shortage of healthcare professionals for the last decade. India is struggling to provide basic medical care for its citizen

There are around 480 medical colleges in India which originate of more than 55000 doctors every year. But only one-third gets the opportunity to post-graduate in clinical subjects. With an increase in population by 26 million every year, this is insufficient. If the government does not take resources to give them employment, then chaos will continue and the profession will soon lose it.

According to the Indian Journal of Public Health, “If the entire country wants to achieve 1:1,000 ratio, it will need 2.07 million more doctors by 2030”.

To overcome this gap, the Medical Council of India has planned the idea of shortening the curriculum for the students of the Bachelor of Surgery degree and Bachelor of Medicine, conveying them a year back in their particular field.

India has planned to set up 200 new medical colleges within 10 years to fill the shortage of about 6 lakh doctors. One more reason behind the crisis for healthcare professionals is the shortage of medical teachers. So, it needs to increase the number of faculty post. In rural areas, lack of medical education is high as the comparison to urban areas. So, there is no doubt about the fact that doctors need to move to rural areas. Prior to sending doctors to rural areas, there is a need for better work atmosphere and provide them better infrastructure and sanitation to ensure their safety. To increase the number of MBBS doctors, the Medical Council of India is reserving more 100 seats per college.

In the last, one and only one conclusion turns out that India needs Medicos. The ratio of doctors to patients is worse than in Vietnam or Pakistan. Therefore, the Indian government needs to focus on medical education and provide better facilities and provide appropriate salaries to doctors for practice in India. This ensures doctors that there is also a better future in India than to practice abroad. And this remedy will help India win over the ratio of doctors to the patients and will help India to make superlative in the field of healthcare.