Mbbs in Kyrgyzstan


Kyrgyzstan is a bustling country wedged between China and Kazakhstan. It is home to majestic mountainous range. MBBS universities in Kyrgyzstan has robust education system, low fees for studying, low costs of living, and good quality of education which makes it an ideal place to study.

The climatic conditions there are comparatively moderate so Indian students can easily acclimatize to the weather. Kyrgyzstan has gradually improved in terms of education and technology. All these, and many more other factors make it one of the most preferred destination to study MBBS from abroad.

Advantages to Study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan

  • The cost of living, when compared to that of India and other countries, is inexpensive which makes the entire program cost effective and way more affordable.
  • More than 15,000 students are already studying MBBS in Kyrgyzstan, so one doesn’t have to worry about feeling secluded or alienated from the crowd.
  • Indian students don’t have to worry about not getting Indian food there as all the medical universities there offer high quality of Indian food.
  • In terms of accommodation, the hostels are very well equipped with all the facilities to ensure that the medical students have a wonderful stay in their entire academic period.
  • The people in Kyrgyzstan are either Muslim or Russian but irrespective of this fact they respect Indians and it is a safe and secure to study MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Indian students.
  •  There is no linguistic barrier as such, as the language of instruction in MBBS universities in Kyrgyzstan is English.
  • Medical Institutes in Kyrgyzstan are recognized by UNESCO, WHO and MCI, so one can practice medicine anywhere around the globe after completing MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Indian students.
  • One of the main reasons to consider studying MBBS from there is that they offer the entire education, inclusive of food and accommodation, at lowest fees when compared to all the other countries offering this course.
  • Irrespective of the low fees they do not compromise with the quality of education they offer for MBBS.
  • The universities are well equipped with modern technology and infrastructure to provide world-class education to students.
  • Students are given opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities so that they can grow in other fields as well.
  • It is a country close to India so it takes very few hours to reach Kyrgyzstan by air.
  • The entire process of getting visa approval is very fast so students or their parents don’t have to wait to get their visa approved.
  • The admission process is also very simple for MBBS in Kyrgyzstan for Indian students.
  • Students are given other opportunities to attend International seminars and various conferences so students can grow in all the spheres.

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About Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan is a country in Central Asia. It is a landlocked country and surrounded by majestic mountains; it is bordered by Kazakhstan to the north, Uzbekistan to the west, China to the east and Tajikistan to the southwest. Its capital is Bishkek. Their official language is Kyrgyz and the country is strongly influenced from Russia. The majority of the population is Muslims and Russian. It is cheaper than many countries and hence it is an ideal place to study MBBS from abroad.