A landmark decision was taken on the 5th of Aug 2019 that is said to bring significant changes in the health care sector of India. The introduction of the NMC bill was initially opposed by the medical community but after the long controversial period, it finally got approval from both the houses of parliament. Some are considering it a ray of hope for the healthcare sector and some are still suspicious about the outcomes.

The basic approach of the NMC bill is to develop, regulate and bring reform to complete medical education and profession in India. It seeks to repeal the Indian Medical Council Act (1956) and substitute the 63-year-old MCI (Medical Council of India) with the National Medical Commission.

Here is all the interesting information about the NMC bill which you should know :

  • Provision of Medical Commission – The bill proposed the establishment of National Medical commission and State Medical commissions.
  • Medical Advisory Council – To channelize the views and concerns of the states or UTs to the National Medical Commission, the bill proposed that the center should set up the Medical Advisory council.
  • Provision of NEET – The bill states that NEET should be continued as the uniform entrance exam for undergraduate medical education.
  • Provision of NEXT – The bill introduced the National Exit Test (NEXT), which is mandatory to qualify for Indian medical graduates and foreign medical graduates to practice medicine in India. It will be the entrance exam for the Postgraduate courses at medical institutes as well.
  • Regulation of fees – The NMC bill empowers the commission to regulate the fees for up to 50% of the seats in private medical colleges. Earlier MCI didn’t have any power to regulate the fee structure of private medical colleges.
  • Authority to grant limited license – The bill seeks to enhance the interface between mid-level practitioners and modern medical practices. The commission has the power to give limited license to mid-level practitioners to practice medicine.

After the supreme court declared that the MCI was a corrupt and inefficient body, the whole nation is looking at Nation medical commission as a need of the hour. Medical education and healthcare sector of India is in need of urgent reform, let’s see how NMC bill brings the much-needed reform for the same.