Do you think the date of NEET-UG 2020 is approaching very fast?  With every passing month, you are assessing your preparation and speeding up to be ready for “3rd May”?

Yes! If you are a serious medical aspirant then every passing day and notification about NEET would scare you and make you work harder.

If you have set your goal to crack NEET make sure you know all about it. Before setting a goal to achieve, it is very important to assess your target realistically and to know everything about your aim. Students are busy preparing for NEET 2020 but very few of them are aware of the availability of MBBS seats in their respective states or all India level. This year more students are appearing in NEET 2020 because separate entrances of JIPMER and AIIMS have been merged into NEET. Every one of us has heard about the huge competition among candidates appearing for NEET-UG 2020 but people hardly talk about the facts and figures related to Candidates appearing or availability of MBBS seats in NEET-UG 2020.

Let’s break the silence and discuss the popular queries regarding the NEET-UG 2020!

As we all must agree that Competition pushes to achieve more, let us talk about the competition first…


How Many Candidates are Appearing in NEET-UG 2020?

NEET exam has always been in the talks for being one of the most popular and competitive exams in India. As per the previous year records, every year no. of students are remarkably increasing. In 2020 approximately 15,93,452 students are appearing in NEET exam. Yes! You read it right… nearly 16 lacs students are working hard to get through NEET 2020.


How Many MBBS seats are there for this huge no. of NEET aspirants?

Availability of MBBS seats in India is another worrisome issue for medical aspirants. There is a huge gap between the no. of medical aspirants in India and availability of MBBS seats in India. There are only 77595 MBBS seats available in India as opposed to approx 16 lacs NEET aspirants. As per the data, there are approx 21 medical aspirants fighting for one seat of MBBS in India.


Out of 77595 MBBS Seats How Many Seats belong to Govt. Medical Colleges?

Most of the medical aspirants aim for only government medical colleges because the tuition fee of private medical colleges in India is very high. Not many aspirants afford to pay such high fees in private medical colleges thus the majority of students work hard to get MBBS admission in Govt medical colleges.  There are only 42055 MBBS seats in Govt medical colleges which also includes 4465 seats of EWS category. MBBS seats in Govt medical colleges account for approximately 54 per cent of the total MBBS seats.

You must be wondering about the overall distribution of MBBS seats in India. Let’s have a look at the same!


Percentage Distribution of MBBS Seats in India is As Following: 

  • MBBS seats in govt medical colleges      = 54.2% 
  • MBBS seats in Private medical colleges  = 36.65% 
  • MBBS seats in Deemed medical colleges =9.15%


Aren’t You Curious to Know That Which States Are Contributing to Highest No. of NEET Aspirants?

Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Kerala are among the states that are contributing to highest no. of medical aspirants. Let’s have a look at some states and their respective no. of candidates appearing and available govt MBBS seats in NEET-UG 2020:


MAHARASHTRA 228829 4080
UTTAR PRADESH 154705 2878
RAJASTHAN 138149 2600
KARNATAKA 119626 2900
TAMILNADU 117502 3600
KERALA 116010 1455
GUJARAT 79865 3650
WEST BENGAL 74452 3000
BIHAR 65914 1140
ANDRA PRADESH 62276 2410
DELHI 59006 1015
TELANGANA 56078 1740
ORISSA 36776 1150
ASSAM 30165 900
JHARKHAND 19069 580
HARYANA 15413 710
PUNJAB 15114 600

Hopefully, our facts and figures about NEET-UG 2020 will help you to set your goal realistically and will keep you motivated to crack the exam. As we can assess after reading the blog that for every MBBS seat there is very tough competition among medical aspirants. One need to work smartly to get ahead of rest of the crowd.