Georgia is emerging as a popular destination for medical aspirants to study MBBS abroad. With affordable fee structure and quality education, medical universities of Georgia are attracting millions of medical aspirants to the land of Georgia. Among many renowned medical universities in the world, New Vision University, Georgia is getting popularity among medical aspirants who wish to study MBBS in Georgia. The New vision university is a trusted name among medical students around the globe.

About New Vision University –

Location: New vision University campus is located in the capital and the largest city of Georgia, Tbilisi.  It is situated on the bank of the river Kura and it is home to near about 1.5 million people.

Climate: The climate in Tbilisi is of Humid subtropical climate type i.e. summers are warm and winters are moderately cold. The climate around the university campus is suitable for Indian students.

Establishment: The University is founded in 2013 as a non-entrepreneurial legal entity. The university hospital is established in 2014.

Courses offered by New Vision University: 

The New vision university, is an educational institute with excellence in every domain of the educational field. It offers a wide range of courses from Law, Medicine, Politics, and Diplomacy and Business & IT. 

Medical courses in New Vision university are in line with global standards of medical education and the curriculum of every medical course is curated by expert professionals and highly experienced faculties.

New Vision University offers the following Medical courses-

  1. Medical doctor program 
  2. Medical Rehabilitation & Nursing care
  3.  Master program in Medical Rehabilitation &Healthcare management
  4. PhD. in Medicine

Recognition of New Vision university:

The New Vision University is known for its excellence in medical education and it is recognized by several national and international bodies. It has the following recognitions-

  1. MCI recognized
  2. WHO recognized
  3. ECFMG (Educational Commission for foreign medical graduates) approved
  4. World Federation of Medical Education (WFME) approved
  5. Listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools
  6. Listed in an International Association for Medical Education.

Medical degree from New Vision University is almost globally recognized that ensures the bright future of medical aspirants and exposure to better opportunities.

Special features of New Vision University-
New Vision University is a university that focuses on the overall development of students and provides the best facilities for students. It has the following special features-

  • S3D Medimagic and Virtual Reality-
    The complete medical curriculum is integrated with S3D Medimagic and virtual reality technologies. It helps the students to understand the complex anatomical structures in-depth and help them to grasp the concept for a longer period. The integration of the latest technologies and media results in higher engagement of students in the classroom lectures.
  •  Clinical Exchange Program with Indian hospitals-
    Every geographical entity has its own kind of climate and associated medical challenges and prevalent diseases. To practice in a particular country, you need to get exposure to the medical challenges of the respective country.
    New Vision University is most popular among Indian medical aspirants because it offers the Clinical exchange program with renowned Indian hospitals.  It helps the Indian students who wish to practice medicine in India after completing the medical degree.
  • New Vision Hospital –
    New Vision University understands the importance of the practical clinical experience of medical students, unlike many other Georgian Medical universities. New Vision University is the only university that has an On-campus hospital that not only serves society but also provides in-hand experience to the medical students of University. The New Vision Hospital always has several Senior surgeons and Physicians assisted by Junior doctors available round the clock.
  • Student Exchange Program-
    New Vision University conducts the Student Exchange program with renowned Medical institutes of the U.S and the U.K. It helps students to get global exposure and to learn various medical techniques and technology used in different countries. The New Vision University provides the best opportunities to promote its students.
  • Classes for NEXT and USMLE preparation-
    New Vision University campus is home to students from more than 25 countries and thus it provides classes for the preparation of NEXT and USMLE to make the students competent to qualify these exams after completion of course.
  •  Psychological Counseling for Students-
    The well-being of students is the priority of New Vision University. The New Vision University campus has a dedicated Psychological counseling center to help students to deal with various kinds of stress that hamper the academic performances of students.

Other Amenities-

  1. Hostel-

The New vision university hostel provides all the essential facilities for overseas students. It offers the following facilities-

  • Availability of Hot and Coldwater 24*7 
  • Centralized cooling and heating system
  • Electronic lock
  • Library
  • Recreation room
  • Students’ club
  • Fully furnished rooms with options of single/double bed
  • Kitchen (24*7 gas service)
  1. Library and Laboratory-

The New Vision University provides access to electronic resources, literature, relevant research papers, and books to students. The university also has Laboratory equipped with the latest tools and techniques. 

  1. University Mess

New Vision University mess provides healthy and hygienic food to the students. The University has plenty of Indian students studying in the campus, thus to cater their needs University-mess serves all kinds of Indian Cuisine such as South-Indian, North-Indian, Veg or Non-Veg food. 

  1. Student’s Club

New Vision University encourages its students to get engaged in several recreational activities such as music, painting, dance, debates, etc. The university has dedicated Student Club to promote recreational activities. The New Vision University focuses on the overall development of students.

New Vision University MBBS Fee 2019-

The university offers quality education at an affordable fee structure. The fee structure of MBBS in New Vision University is as following:

Year Tuition fee (USD) Admission fee (USD) Hostel fee (USD) Total (USD) Total (INR)
1st year 6,500 2,000 1,000 9,500 6,65,000
2nd year 6,500 NIL 1,000 7,500 5,25,000
3rd year 6,500 NIL 1,000 7,500 5,25,000
4th year 6,500 NIL 1,000 7,500 5,25,000
5th year 6,500 NIL 1,000 7,500 5,25,000
Total 32,500 2,000 5,000 35,500 27,65,000