The only thing which is of utmost importance in a student’s life is time. In India, thousands of students who aspire to become a doctor often get trapped in a vicious cycle of the entrance exam and generally waste their precious time of complete year in giving another attempt.

Getting an MBBS seat in govt medical college has never been an easy task. Every year approx 1.3 million students appear in the NEET exam but less than 3 percent succeed in securing an MBBS seat in govt medical college. Approx 56% of candidates qualify NEET. and the majority of 44% candidates who fail to qualify NEET generally wait for another year to get through NEET.
Since the Govt declared that qualifying NEET is mandatory to pursue MBBS abroad as well, the competition and cut-off of NEET are increasing every year. It is getting more difficult to crack the exam.
In India, people are less aware of the opportunities and education schemes that can save time and could fetch the same outcomes. Students who aspire to pursue MBBS should be aware of the contemporary opportunities available in other countries. Lack of awareness about MBBS gateway programs or Programs that offer lateral entry in MBBS costs a lot to Indian students. Students can pursue MBBS gateway programs and can prepare for NEET simultaneously without wasting the complete year.

Here is all you need to know about MBBS gateway program :

  • University offering the course: NEW VISION UNIVERSITY, GEORGIA
  • Course: Bachelor’s program in Medical Rehabilitation and Nursing Care (ENG)
  • Eligibility: NEET is not required
  • Course Structure: same as of the first two years of MBBS
  • How does it work as a gateway to MBBS?
    The course works on ECTS that is the credit transfer system. Since it has same curriculum as first two years of MBBS, students can take admission to the program and can simultaneously prepare for NEET. Once they qualify NEET their credits would be transferred to MBBS program that is they can directly join the second year of MBBS( lateral entry).
  • Where will you get NEET classes: NEET classes would be provided to students in the university campus itself.

Thus, students can enroll in Medical rehabilitation and health care management course and prepare for NEET simultaneously. You don’t need to worry about wasting one more year in qualifying NEET, you can be at par with the other NEET qualified students. If you still have any queries regarding the course, get in touch with experts of MEDICONATION and get free guidance.