The United Kingdom has become one of the top countries to study MBBS around the world with its world-class educational institutions. UK is widely known for its varying accents and cultures and attracts over 600,000 International students every year to a variety of education programmes. Over the last few decades, UK has become much more cosmopolitan and multicultural with the influxes of people and a multitude of International influences. A number of medical schools expect completion of the clinical aptitude test viz UKCAT. Ample opportunities and unique cultures make it a magnet for some of the very best thinkers in the world, and here are a few things International students should know before studying in the United Kingdom:

Worldwide Recognition

Degrees and qualifications from UK are internationally recognized and hold a great value which can pave the way for a better future. UK universities are regularly inspected to make sure that they adhere to the high standards of teaching, learning, and research set by the Government.

Lower Education Costs

The duration of MBBS in UK is of 4 years (2 years Undergraduate study+ 2 years program Foundation training) which is lesser when compared to other countries. And because your degree will take less time, it will also save you money. Not to mention, expenses related to food, housing’ travel can be relatively expensive and could burn a hole in your pocket.

Multicultural Nation

In UK there is amazing cultural diversity throughout the country and has an incredible mix of international cultures which makes it welcoming for students from foreign countries. As an international student, you’ll find several opportunities to connect with the local people and new places.

Work Opportunities

Along with your regular studies, you can opt for a part-time job in the UK which can help you improve your skills and, hence, it can prove lucrative for your career in the future.

Scholarships/ Loans

Most UK Universities provide funding opportunities and merit-based scholarships which can help international students to meet their total college, and living costs, which can be steep otherwise.

Climatic Conditions

UK has an unpredictable climate and it can change from day-to-day. Generally, the summers are warm and winters witness snow showers.

Also, one can develop linguistic skills over the course of time.
As soon as you’ve secured admission in the UK, you should start looking for accommodations as places can fill quickly because of the number of students getting admissions.