One of the most desired careers that students prefer to pursue after passing their 12th board examination is MBBS. If there are two siblings in an average Indian household the probability of one being a doctor & the other being an engineer is extremely high. This evergreen dream of every Indian parent and student had stood out as a distant dream in the past because of the constraints in the availability of medical seats in govt medical colleges and the high fees demanded by private medical colleges which can go up to 1.5 Cr starting from 50 lakhs. 

In India, there are 549 medical colleges available for MBBS providing a total of 77595 seats for MBBS aspirant. According to candidates registration data for NEET 2020 approximately 16 lakh aspirants are expected to appear for NEET 2020. This constraint of MBBS seat availability and unaffordable fees of private medical colleges have ruined the dream of many Indian Parent & Students till date, but not anymore. Thanks to the new amendment in medical education by the Indian govt. i.e. NEXT and the reasonable fees structures of Foreign Medical Institutions. Listed below are the Top 10 reasons to study MBBS abroad for Indian Students 


Why Study MBBS Abroad (Top 10 Reasons)

1. Reasonable Cost

Getting an MBBS degree from any private medical institution in India can cost up to 1.5 Cr. starting from 50 lakhs at the least. On the other hand, to study MBBS abroad in countries like Georgia, Armenia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Philippines, China and Kyrgyzstan it will cost 3 to 5 times cheaper when compared to Indian private colleges, keeping that evergreen dream from shattering. 


2. International exposure & Personal growth. 

Studying MBBS abroad gives a student the opportunity to experience diverse culture. While studying MBBS in foreign medical universities students get to interact with various persons belonging to different nations and cultures. Acclimatizing with the international work culture and standards helps the student to develop more interpersonal & intrapersonal skills which help the student to thrive for success even in the toughest situations.


3. Top-Notch infrastructure & faculties from around the globe.

In spite of the rapid growth India has shown in several fields, its education system still lacks in certain aspects. Studying MBBS abroad in some top medical colleges from around the globe lets a student to have access to top-notch infrastructure & faculties from different countries. Living & learning in such a diverse & inspirational environment makes the student ready to overcome any problem and do great in their career.


4. Find Better Research Opportunities

For a student studying MBBS anywhere in the world, research opportunities act as a catalyst in the process of attaining success. Studying MBBS abroad in world-class medical universities helps you in finding better research opportunity because of the global & diverse culture & environment they have. 


5. The new medical education reform: NEXT

NEXT (National Exit Test) is a medical education reform brought in by Indian Govt. which makes it a lot easier for students studying or willing to study MBBS abroad. NEXT is a licentiate examination which will promote student for medical practice in India. This test will be mandatory to qualify all the MBBS students enrolled in India and all the medical graduates who pursued MBBS from foreign medical universities. 

NEXT is beneficiary for abroad medical students because unlike the Indian medical students, students who study MBBS abroad are not completely dependent on NEXT to practice medicine. If students who have pursued  MBBS abroad fails to clear NEXT, then they can still practice medicine anywhere else in the world whereas an Indian Medical Student would not even get the MBBS degree without qualifying the NEXT. As a consequence, they would not be able to practice medicine anywhere else in the world.


6. Ample Job Offers:

MBBS is considered as a respected profession by everyone and getting your MBBS degree from abroad definitely add stars to it. Graduating with an MBBS degree from a reputed university in Georgia, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, China, Philippines, UK, USA, Canada definitely enhances your career prospects making ample job offers to knock on your door.


7. Learning and settling abroad:

The feeling of security and pride being an Indian and living in India is irreplaceable but who can say no to a good & stable life. Studying MBBS abroad helps a student to settle abroad and practice medicine anywhere in the world. A globalized MBBS degree enables you to settle anywhere in the world and begin your journey of success.


8. No Donation or Capitation Fees:

To study MBBS from an Indian Medical Institution student sometimes students have to pay a huge amount of donation or capitation fees apart from the yearly tuition fees decided by the institution. But when you go for MBBS Abroad in some of the top medical universities from around the globe, the case completely changes. With low tuition fees that they offer, no donation or capitation fees are accepted. 


9. Clinical exchange programs:

Many foreign medical universities offer clinical exchange programs for students unlike the Indian medical universities. In such programs, students get clinical exposure of various countries. For eg.New Vision University of Georgia offers clinical exchange programs in association with Indian hospitals thus students can get clinical exposure in Georgia as well as in India. It enhances the practical knowledge and clinical skills of medical graduates.


10. Student exchange programs:

Many foreign medical universities offer Student exchange programs in association with leading medical institutes of various countries. In such programs, students get exposure to international medical standards as well as the latest medical technologies. These kinds of opportunities enable students to excel as medical professionals.

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, there are multiple benefits of studying MBBS abroad. To know more details feel free to contact us. Our experts will give you clear insights about pursuing MBBS in foreign medical universities and will help you in choosing the right country and university as per your priorities and budget