Are you preparing for NEET or have given multiple attempts already? If yes! you will be well aware of the neck to neck competition among aspirants to come in the cut-off list. No. of students appearing in NEET is increasing around 2 lac every year. The increasing cut-off of NEET is making it more difficult to secure a good rank for students. Every medical aspirant is working hard to secure an MBBS seat in govt medical colleges in India but the majority of them fail to achieve the same. As per the data, around 15 lac students appeared in NEET last year and interestingly less than 3 per cent students managed to secure MBBS seat in govt medical college. Did you wonder! what happens to the future of more than 97% medical aspirants? 

What Do The Majority of Students, Who Couldn’t Get MBBS Seat in Govt. Colleges Do?

Unfortunately, the majority of students either give up on their dream or dedicate one more year for NEET preparation. Few of them who could afford to pay the heavy tuition fee of private medical colleges take MBBS admission in private colleges. 

Is there any other untapped opportunity who can benefit Indian medical aspirants?

Yes! Globalization has made opportunity readily available for all. There are many countries like Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China etc where medical education is affordable. Studying MBBS abroad is a great option for Indian medical aspirants. Majority of the students are not aware of the opportunities available in various countries regarding medical education. Due to lack of awareness, most of the Indian medical aspirants waste their precious years one after another in preparing for NEET exam or many go out of the budget to pay a very high tuition fee of private colleges.

Gradually more and more students are getting aware of the benefits of pursuing MBBS abroad and thus no. of students opting to study MBBS abroad is also increasing.

Are you aware of the advantages and reasons why more and more students are opting to study MBBS from Abroad

If not! Don’t miss out on Opportunities due to ignorance.

Let us give a brief about the benefits or reasons to study MBBS abroad!

Pursuing MBBS From Abroad Has Got Multiple Benefits And Following Are The Few Of Them:


    1. No Dependency on NEET Rank –  Unlike in India, students who opt to study MBBS abroad doesn’t require good NEET rank. Candidate should have scored only qualifying marks in NEET in order to take admission in MBBS abroad. Admission in MBBS abroad doesn’t depend on the NEET rank.  As per the Indian govt. norms only eligibility criteria to study MBBS abroad is to qualify NEET exam.
    2. High Quality of Medical Education –  Pursuing MBBS abroad from good foreign medical universities ensure high-quality medical education. In many foreign medical universities, global standards are followed when it comes to the curriculum or imparting medical education. Quality of medical education is comparatively better in foreign medical universities when compared to Indian medical universities.
    3. Cost is less in Comparison to Private Indian Institutes – In India, the private medical colleges are costlier as compared to most of the foreign medical colleges. To attain an MBBS degree from Indian private colleges candidate have to spend around Rs.50 lakhs to 1.5 Cr. On the other hand, in countries like China, Georgia, Armenia, Philippines, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan or Russia, the cost of MBBS degree would be 3 to 5 times cheaper. 
    4. International Exposure – Besides MBBS course, studying abroad is a learning experience, as a student learns the new culture and adapts themselves to the new environment. A student who choose to study MBBS abroad, gets exposure to various medical conditions, along with advanced technology, state-of-the-art apparatus and various other amenities. You also get to interact with teachers and students of different nationalities. 
    5. More Opportunities- Pursuing any course abroad naturally opens a lot more options for the students. Similarly in the medical field when compared to India there are lot more opportunities available for medical graduates in foreign countries. In most of the foreign countries, there are comparatively higher pay scale as well as more research and employment opportunities than India.
    6. Exposure to the latest technologies–  Apart from the quality of medical education, affordable tuition fees, international exposure etc studying MBBS abroad has a lot more advantages. One of the important reason to study MBBS abroad is that the candidate gets exposure to the latest technologies used in the global standard of medical practices. It enhances their skillset and makes them more efficient medical professionals.
    7. World-class infrastructure and FacultiesWhile Studying MBBS abroad students get the exposure to world-class infrastructure as well. Students get to learn in the best ambience as well as from one of the best faculties around the world. Overall for students, it is not just academic but personal experience as well.
    8. Practice medicine in multiple countries–  Students who are pursuing MBBS abroad would be eligible to pursue medicine in various countries. Many foreign medical universities provide globally recognized medical degree i.e one can practise medicine in multiple countries after clearing their respective screening exams. Thus studying MBBS abroad not only enhances academic opportunities but also provides an option to settle abroad.
    9.  No dependency on NEXT to practice Medicine–  Unlike Indian medical students, students who are studying MBBS abroad are not completely dependent on NEXT exam to practice medicine. As per the Govt norms, clearing NEXT is mandatory for both Indian medical graduates as well as foreign medical graduates to practise medicine in India.

If Indian students fail to clear NEXT they will not get an MBBS degree and won’t be considered as a medical professional anywhere else in the world. On the other hand, if foreign medical graduates couldn’t clear the NEXT exam then they are eligible to practice medicine in other countries other than India.

We are sure that after reading the brief reasons/ benefits to study MBBS abroad, you will be able to think rationally before investing one more precious year of your life in NEET preparation or giving up on your dream of being Doctor. To know more about how to choose a good foreign